For those old enough to remember this hilarious sit-com (yes, I’m in that crowd!), will remember how at odds Felix and Oscar were. Lack of trust, disapproval, disgusted with each other, and not wanting to be together best describes the relationship those two had. Well, that kind of sounds exactly how the retail sales associate views having to go through consumer financing in the retail store. If consumer financing could talk back, I’m sure it would say the same about the sales associate.

If your retail organization has a regimented sales process that stresses financing and is diligent about training and the understanding of consumer credit and associated primary and secondary finance programs, you can have a very successful consumer finance program. Check out this article from Furniture Today about tips for success. But, even with a team that both understands the financing options being offered in store and how best to present to the customer, you’ll still need an effective financing platform to process the applications in-store, such as that offered from LendPro.

But, if you’re like many retailers, you don’t have the staff, time, or patience to devote the level of effort needed to effectively process consumer financing in the store. You know you need to offer a pay-over-time program to your customers, and not just for the credit elite, but for the masses. A program like SweetPay makes it super easy to offer financing and does so at no cost, thus removing the odd couple from your store!

~ David Weyher