Any pet owner will tell you that their critter adds infinite value to their lives. Keeping their pets comfortable and healthy is a top priority whether they creep, wag, swim or slither.

Unexpected vet expenses, however, can become a source of stress, and that’s on top of the standard $1400-4300 annual expense in owning a pet.

Personal loans are a great way to manage just about any expenses associated with pet ownership. That includes:

  • Purchasing a specific breed
  • Training courses
  • Long term boarding
  • Spaying and neutering
  • Dental work
  • Emergency surgeries
  • Medications
  • Cancer treatments

Pet ownership comes with some uncertainties, and easy access to financing can be a life saver. At SweetPay, we understand that a viable way to pay over time on Fido’s worst day can put pet owners at ease.

That’s why we’re proud to power Bivvy Pet Credit. SweetPay’s top-rated lender network will provide pet owners and veterinary offices with competitive lending options to take care of unexpected needs.

Bivvy provides simple and affordable pet insurance to bring owners peace of mind. Whether or not you use Bivvy pet insurance, you can use Bivvy Pet Credit to cover any pet expense for any type of animal.

Be ready to cover Fido’s worst day with Bivvy Pet Credit, powered by SweetPay.