This week, SweetPay released its latest solution, SweetPay Installments, to new and existing SweetPay members. SweetPay Installments was built from a pre-existing partnership with IGW, a Rocket Loan affiliate, to integrate their services directly into SweetPay’s digital lending platform. The goal in mind? To create even more options for consumers to be able to pay-over-time and for merchants to make a sale.

SweetPay Installments is an optional payment plan which can be made available to any SweetPay merchant members. It is an ideal alternative to a personal loan for customers who either 1.) Don’t get approved by any of our lenders or 2.) Don’t like any of the offers presented. 

The SweetPay Installments payment plan is similar to an in-house financing solution, without the hassle. Merchants sit back and collect, with full automated contract creation, invoicing, and servicing that is completely compliant.

Whether or not traditional lending is a feasible option for any consumer, merchants can now say YES to every sale with SweetPay Installments, adding dollars which would have otherwise been lost to their bottom line.