Dreading the dentist? You are not alone.Elective Medical Financing

Since the pandemic, more Americans than ever have neglected their usual cleanings and checkups. But a fear of COVID-19 isn’t the only thing that’s kept them at bay- dental work can be costly, and most dental insurance is limited. Paying for the necessary care can be more painful than the work itself.

Dental plans rarely cover 100% of any procedure, and fail to cover any of some. They can also be limited by maximums or deductibles. Expenses often come out of pocket, something that can cause consumers to space out visits even more than they’d prefer.

The dentist isn’t the only service neglected. Unexpected health and care expenses aren’t always accounted for in a monthly budget. Veterinary visits, wellness needs, and medical costs which fall below a high insurance deductible can come as a surprise.

It’s no wonder that lenders are finding a niche market in the health industry. A personal loan can ease the stress of an unexpected expense by packaging it into neat monthly payments that not only build credit, but allow them to pay over time for the services they need done today. But, buyer beware – many consumer credit programs offered in the health industry come with a deferred interest “cliff”, which limits the amount of time a borrower can pay off the principal.

That’s why SweetPay created attractive lending options specifically for the health and wellness industry. From vet bills to dental crowns, we have competitive options for good and not-so-good credits. Even better, SweetPay worked with it’s new lender partners to create a true 0% interest program – pay no interest for a period of time and then continue paying low monthly payments with interest for the duration of the loan.

Now, both practices and their patients can feel good about financing the cost of an expensive procedure.