Merchants love the benefits of SweetPay’s digital platform, which not only simplifies the loan application process, but provides a variety of loan options. Because it is a multi-lender platform, merchants can see maximum approvals without having to work with several lenders individually. Even so, not everyone will be prequalified for financing.

Now, SweetPay can provide merchants with a pay-over-time option even when SweetPay’s third-party lenders can’t extend an offer (or they extend an offer that is less-than-attractive to the consumer.)

Introducing SweetPay Installments!

Since late 2021, SweetPay has quietly been putting together a highly-automated and full-service in-house financing program that makes offering it a no-brainer. Thus far, SweetPay has signed up over 100 businesses, across different industries, to pilot this new program. Merchants on the program are enthusiastic about the success it’s brought them.

SweetPay makes it so easy to finance any customer,” says Dallas Hileman, owner of an online education business. “They have the best solution for each customer regardless of their credit score. We get paid in full upfront as often as we can, but the Installment plan is the perfect solution to never miss out on a sale!”

Using SweetPay’s platform with both its lender partner and in-house financing programs, merchants have been able to complete more sales and generate nearly 100% of the expected revenue they otherwise would have lost without SweetPay.

SweetPay is proud of the many testimonials it has received recently and is excited about the continual growth of its SweetPay Installments business.