About SweetPay

Offering a way for consumers to pay-over-time is crucial for businesses to be competitive. But, the options available for many businesses are either too limited, too complicated, or too costly. SweetPay solves this dilemma with an affordable, easy-to-use, and highly effective platform that allows businesses to offer its customers a sweet way to pay! We accomplish this by having industry-leading personal loan lenders covering all credit tiers integrated into our platform and available to consumers with a simple, single application.

SweetPay’s leadership team has a wealth of knowledge and experience with consumer lending at the point-of-need. Our technology is flexible and can be customized to meet the particular needs of your business. Connect with us to see why so many businesses are signing up with SweetPay.

Our leadership

David Weyher, Founder, CEO and CRO

David Weyher – Founder, CEO and CRO

Years of experience in technology, point-of-sale, and consumer financing, having held leadership roles with both public and private businesses.   David also founded and is chairman at LendPro, an early Fintech with the first multi-lender waterfall platform designed for retail point-of-sale financing.


David Bright – Partner, CAO and CMO

Extensive experience in banking, law, and fintech lending. Held leadership positions at a super regional bank. David was one of the lead designers of the Apple iPhone Upgrade program and similar programs for Microsoft, HP and other large merchants and manufacturers.


Todd Rebner – CTO

Todd founded and sold a nationally recognized information technology consulting firm, is a member of the Forbes Technology Council, and is a published author of the book “Absolute AI”. He has worked directly with over 100 companies and managed dozens of enterprise IT projects across industries.

Drew Holzwarth, Director

Drew Holzwarth – Director

A results-driven entrepreneur with a proven track record. Built several businesses and sold Piedmont Realty and Construction to Stanley Martin Homes, where he took over as president of the Southern region. Drew sits on several boards, including Sigora Solar and publicly-traded Blue Ridge Bankshares.