It’s a fact!

Fact #1:
Consumers want to finance
big-ticket purchases.

Fact #2:
Consumers who finance their
purchases spend more.

But there’s a big
problem …

Unless you are a large merchant with dedicated staff and resources, traditional consumer financing programs are either not available to you or are too difficult to administer in your store.

SweetPay has the answer!

How it works.

Consumers and patients alike all pre-shop businesses online, including searching for credit and loans online. When you promote SweetPay online using our stock graphics and links, you can attract these online shoppers. A click of the SweetPay link graphic and they’ll be taken to your unique SweetPay landing page and offered a way to pay for your product/service over time with an online personal loan.

The SweetPay process:

SweetPay Process

Now here’s the best part!

When the approved consumer arrives at your store, your staff will know immediately that they’re working with someone who has money to spend and an incentive to spend it there. Better yet, there is no time-consuming and potentially awkward credit application process to go through!

Finally, a consumer finance program
that works for “main street” retail!

SweetPay program terms

Getting you up and running with SweetPay is truly a breeze!

The power of SweetPay

Click/tap on the boxes to flip them over


Grab the consumer’s attention while  pre-shopping online.


Consumer is funded directly & gets attractive purchase incentive.


Consumer is motivated to visit store to use their purchase incentive.


Purchase incentive receipt is signed and purchase is completed.