Making sense of all the rising debt chatter

Some journalists have been sounding the rising debt alarm bell. While I’m not worried about current debt levels, I do take solace in the concerns being raised, as there was none of that pre-2008. What I will attempt to do in this post is to break household debt down for you.  The Federal Reserve Bank [...]

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One sure way to lower your interest payments

So, your credit score is nothing to write home about and you really need (or want) that large purchase. You can fit a personal loan payment in to your monthly budget, and making timely debt payments helps to improve that credit score, so that you can eventually write home about it! But, you cringe at [...]

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Personal Loan Marketplace Study

Key takeaways from a personal loan marketplace study Supermoney put out a detailed and well discussed state of the personal loan marketplace.  Key take-aways from the study are as follows: The consumer lending market is a favorite source of credit for millions of consumers and it’s growing. Household expenses, debt consolidation, and medical expenses are [...]

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Do You Offer POT?

  It’s not easy being a business selling big-ticket goods and/or services. Wouldn’t it be great if every customer paid cash for their purchases? Or at least had room on a credit card to swipe and be done? But, that is not how many consumers like to purchase things that cost several thousand dollars. They [...]

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Why are chain stores so big?

When you look at chain retail stores, those with more than a few locations spread out over different geographies, that sell “big-ticket” goods – jewelry, furniture, etc. – they have something in common you don’t typically think of. Yes, they can have similarities in advertising and marketing, purchasing, sales floor operation, and even online presence. [...]

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In business, it’s called SAAS. In everyday life, it’s called financing!

If you haven’t heard of the term software-as-a-service, or SAAS, I’m certain you have used a SAAS product either at work or home. Most businesses now employ SAAS applications for all types of business functions – from customer relationship management (heard of Salesforce.com?), to accounting (Quickbooks comes to mind), to graphic design (think Adobe). Even [...]

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The Interest Rate Dilemma

Consumer credit makes the world go-round. Fair Issac Corporation founded this thing called FICO that we all have come to know and love (or hate!) It’s basically a score derived from variables off an individual’s credit report that measures their credit risk. A FICO score can range from 300 to 850, although someone with a [...]

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