Top 5 Reasons to Consider Merchant Payment Plans

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  Do you ever feel like running a business is a constant balancing act? One minute you’re running your program, the next you’re juggling marketing, and somehow you still need to manage cash flow. Enter merchant payment plans—a financial solution designed to make your life a whole lot more productive. If you’re wondering what these [...]

Focus on Consumer Credit

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Interesting information from Seeking Alpha Credit Card Data Credit Card balances topped the $1 trillion record in Q2 as consumers continued to spend, according to the New York Fed's Quarterly Report on Household Debt and Credit. The number of credit card accounts also increased by 5.48M to 578.35M, while the total limits on credit [...]

Hit Your Stretch Goals In 2023 With Automated, In House Financing

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Businesses large and small understand the value of offering customers a low monthly payment for their products or services as opposed to a lump sum at the point of sale. It’s why savvy business owners turn to financing. Whether the consumer has prime, near-prime, or sub-prime credit, the appeal of stretching out payments, especially [...]


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I often get asked whether rising interest rates or economic downturns negatively affect our lending. It’s a good question and one that, logically, you would think would negatively affect consumer lending. As the Federal Reserve pushes up the fed funds rate, thus increasing short term (and longer maturity) treasury yields, the cost of borrowing for [...]

Leveraging Buy-Now-Pay-Later in the Today’s Educational Climate

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The Buy-Now-Pay-Later trend is growing explosively, providing merchants with alternative financing options in an unsure economy - and its numbers are expected to continue to climb. According to a Motley Fool study, 56% of millennials are using a buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) method for both online and instore shopping. Over half of those surveyed who had not [...]

How to Pay for a Home Renovation Project

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What’s Your Budget? A home improvement project can be tricky as far as figuring out the best way to pay. But a starting point is the cost of the project. You must first determine how much you can easily afford to pay out of pocket with cash, or monthly with financing. Some questions that [...]

TrueZer0: The Way 0% Offers Should Be

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Everyone does it. Advertising 0% interest is commonplace in the retail marketplace. Merchants have been conditioned that this is how you drive traffic to a store. The results back this up, which is why it’s been a phenomenon in retail for many years. The dirty little secret of the retail industry is that the winner [...]

Guaranteed Ways to Raise Your Credit Score

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Did you know that taking out a personal loan can actually improve your credit score? While there are many components which go into the secret sauce of credit and credit worthiness, your credit mixture can have an effect on overall credit health. An installment loan could be a great addition to your revolving lines [...]

What To Do About Elective Medical Sticker Shock

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Dreading the dentist? You are not alone. Since the pandemic, more Americans than ever have neglected their usual cleanings and checkups. But a fear of COVID-19 isn’t the only thing that’s kept them at bay- dental work can be costly, and most dental insurance is limited. Paying for the necessary care can be more [...]

Average Personal Loan Rates and What to Expect

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According to, the national outstanding personal loan debt surpassed 323 billion this time last year. Personal loans have boomed over the past few years, with more and more consumers opting for an installment loan over credit card payments. The reasons are two part:1.) For consumers with good credit, 720 and above, personal loan rates can [...]

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