Exorcise Your Credit Demons

If you’re like most people, you get bombarded with loan offers both in email and snail mail for personal loans, credit, mortgages, student loans, car loans, home equity lines of credit – shall I go on? God forbid if you are a sole proprietor or small business owner as the number of offers just doubled! [...]

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Beware the Credit Pull

A high majority of consumers today browse multiple websites before deciding to visit a store or purchase online. If the item they are looking for has a high price tag, financing, or paying over time for the purchase may be desirable. Many businesses know that consumers purchasing higher priced items often want/need to pay-over-time for [...]

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Penny Wise and Pound Foolish

Nothing like a good idiom to shed light on a problem. Being penny wise and pound foolish is really saying that focusing on saving a small amount of money may prevent you from earning a large amount of money. “Seeing the forest for the trees” is another idiom with similar meaning. This refers to being [...]

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The Impact of Interest

There are some who believe that financing is evil and that it’s foolish not to pay cash up front for all of your needs. Logically, you can understand this argument. In reality though, the demands and desires of life don’t fit neatly in to that box. So, how can you try to minimize interest charges [...]

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Is debt consolidation a good idea?

The advertisements are everywhere. They’re on TV, satellite radio, mail, web browsing, and social media.  Lenders want you to bring your outstanding balances to them with the promise of a lower rate, which may or may not be true. It sounds like a good idea – make three or four different payments become one. But, [...]

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Why are chain stores so big?

When you look at chain retail stores, those with more than a few locations spread out over different geographies, that sell “big-ticket” goods – jewelry, furniture, etc. – they have something in common you don’t typically think of. Yes, they can have similarities in advertising and marketing, purchasing, sales floor operation, and even online presence. [...]

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In business, it’s called SAAS. In everyday life, it’s called financing!

If you haven’t heard of the term software-as-a-service, or SAAS, I’m certain you have used a SAAS product either at work or home. Most businesses now employ SAAS applications for all types of business functions – from customer relationship management (heard of Salesforce.com?), to accounting (Quickbooks comes to mind), to graphic design (think Adobe). Even [...]

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