Direct-to-Merchant Financing

Direct-to-Consumer Financing

Innovative Financing for General Retailers, Practices, and Contractors

SweetPay Direct-to-Merchant is a game-changing consumer financing program. As an industry leader in point-of-sale consumer financing SweetPay combines credit prequalification, true 0% interest, and financing options across credit tiers in a single application process at a merchant-friendly price point.

Multi-credit consumer financing for any business

Offering a way for consumers to pay-over-time is crucial to being competitive. But, for many businesses, the options are limited, costly, and can be a hassle. Luckily, SweetPay Direct-to-Consumer Financing is a flexible pay-over-time solution for businesses or any size or longevity!

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The Power of Prequal

Empower your customers and staff with the knowledge that a specific loan offer is highly likely while they shop, online or in-practice. This will motivate them to shop at your practice with confidence that they have a pay-over-time method to make a purchase.

Your practice can add a QR code to its website, digital ads, and/or print ads to generate prequalification. Your staff is immediately notified with the patient’s contact information. Reach out and encourage the prequalified patient into your practice.

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Consumer driven

SweetPay’s lending platform connects merchants, lenders, and consumers together to provide a way for your customers to pay over time for your goods and/or services. Its easy to learn, with minimal merchant involvement.

  • White labeled application with merchant notifications

  • API integration to our lending options for consumer-facing platforms that will drive the application

  • Robust data portal with dashboard and full-featured reporting

  • SweetPay Assist team helps your customers through their loan process

No More “Gotcha” Financing

Finally! Point-of-sale financing that truly is 0% interest for prime and near prime credits. No more “gotcha” financing, like traditional deferred interest financing programs.

Offer your customer a promotion term of 6, 12, or 18 months at 0% interest. They will get a loan offer of 36 or 60 months (depending on loan size) and, for the promotion period, they will only pay principal payments. Then, after the promotion period, they continue making low monthly payments with accrued interest, at an annual APR of 19.99%, on the outstanding balance for the remainder of the term. Of course, they can pay off early with no penalty.

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Credit inclusive

Our lenders are nationally-recognized as the best for unsecured, personal loans and highly capitalized.

  • SweetPay’s multi-lender platform has competitive lending options for most credit tiers as part of a single streamline application

  • Smart filtering ensures your applicant is a good match for available lending options

  • With offers for FICO scores from 520 and higher, your customers will have more opportunities to get funded

  • Unlike loan marketplaces, our lenders won’t continually spam your customers

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Inclusivity Accomplished With Our Credit Waterfall

The benefit of multiple lending options covering multiple credit tiers with the simplicity of a single, streamlined application process.

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