What is SweetPay?2019-09-25T07:45:17-04:00

SweetPay is a company built by experienced professionals with years of experience in the consumer finance and technology industry. SweetPay brings consumers, merchants, and financial institutions together to help consumers buy the large ticket products they want and need.

Is SweetPay a lender?2019-09-25T07:45:39-04:00

No. SweetPay is a platform that matches personal loan lenders with applicants. SweetPay works with industry-leading lending affiliates who process the SweetPay application and decide whether to make loan offers to SweetPay applicants

Does using SweetPay affect my credit score?2019-09-25T07:26:16-04:00

To determine if a loan offer will be made to you, SweetPay lending affiliates make a “soft credit pull” that does not initially affect your credit score. If you choose to accept such loan offer, that lending affiliate will then make a “hard credit pull” on your credit report in order to verify information for the loan and this may have a small impact on your score.

What type of credit score do I need to be qualified for a loan?2019-09-25T07:50:15-04:00

SweetPay has multiple lender affiliates that approve a fairly wide range of credit scores, from prime to subprime.  While your credit score is an important factor for SweetPay lender affiliates when evaluating your credit application, they look at more than just your score to render a credit decision.

How will I know if I qualify for a loan?2019-09-25T07:43:31-04:00

When you submit an application through SweetPay, SweetPay submits your data to our lending affiliates real-time. Within a minute or so, if one or more of our lending affiliates qualified you, you will be presented with loan offers.

If I received a loan offer, do I have to accept it?2019-09-25T07:41:44-04:00

No. You do not have to accept the offer and can simply cancel the loan process.

Does receiving a loan offer and accepting it mean I will get a loan?2019-09-25T07:42:16-04:00

It usually does but, not always. If, during the data verification and credit report review process, certain data you submitted cannot be verified or other pertinent information from your credit report is revealed, the loan offer may be rescinded by the lending affiliate.

If I complete the loan agreement, how and when do I get my money?2019-09-25T07:48:52-04:00

Should you accept the offer, the lending affiliate who approved you will work directly with you to finalize the loan document and then deposit the funds via ACH directly into your designated account. This is usually done within 24 hours, so you can make arrangements to use your financing at one of SweetPay’s member stores.

Does SweetPay store my personal information?2019-09-25T07:48:32-04:00

SweetPay stores some of your personal information but not your social security number! Your SSN is sent to our lending affiliates for your credit evaluation and never stored in our database. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Who do I contact if I have questions about SweetPay?2020-12-21T08:16:14-05:00

SweetPay can be reached by phone at 83FORSWEET (833)677-9338 or by email – info@sweetwaytopay.com.

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