Finance more.

  • Leading technology

  • Top digital lender partners

  • One simple application

  • All credit tiers covered

Finance more.

  • Leading technology

  • Top digital lender partners

  • One simple application

  • All credit tiers covered

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The problem

with consumer financing at point-of-sale

Consumers want to pay-over-time for large purchases. When consumers have the option to finance their purchase, they purchase more!

But, most financing options at point-of-sale are:

  • Limited to one credit tier

  • Overly complicated

  • Too costly

Now there’s a sweet way to pay™!

Much more

than an easy-to-use
financing platform

SweetPay’s leadership team brings many years of expertise in finance at point-of-sale to create a fintech platform that solves the consumer financing dilemma for all businesses, large or small.

A successful financing platform must be:

  • Simple and fast

  • Able to approve a variety of credit types

  • Cost-effective

SweetPay delivers in all of these areas!

The Customer Experience

We make complex simple.

To solve

the consumer financing dilemmas at point-of-sale, you need the industry’s best digital lenders combined with an effective and efficient application process. SweetPay’s platform has nailed both.

Our tech

Our industry-leading technology powers distinct customer experiences.

If you choose the SweetPay lending solution, you’ll enjoy the benefits of our flexible features supported by a robust backend.

Here are the key features of our multi-lender, multi-credit solution:

Key features of our multi lender, multi-credit solution

Our Members

consist of businesses of all shapes and sizes who understand the value of providing customers with a way to pay-over-time at the point of sale.

“SweetPay has been able to allow every individual the opportunity to purchase our products!”

Dominick Steele, Steele Industries

“Really simple and easy to use.  Offering this financing option has increased our volume of students.  I would definitely recommend SweetPay!”

Feleshia Sams, Academy of Advanced Cosmetics

“Bricker Tunis Furs has been selling luxury fur products for 105 years. SweetPay makes it easy for our customers to finance their purchase so that they can enjoy their fur right away. The process is very simple.”

Mindy Kriegel Bricker, Bricker Tunis Furs

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