SweetPay News

The Next Generation of Merchant Payment Plans

March 21, 2023

Now, SweetPay can provide merchants with a pay-over-time option even when SweetPay’s third-party lenders can’t extend an offer (or they extend an offer that is less-than-attractive to the consumer.)

From RichomondInno:
SweetPay debuts platform for small businesses to offer installments plans

Feb 23, 2022

Fintech platform SweetPay LLC recently added a fully automated in-house installment-pay plan to its platform, which gives small businesses the ability to finance the sale of products and services.

SweetPay Installments “in-house” financing for businesses

Feb 09, 2022

SweetPay, a rapidly-growing Fintech platform, announced today the launch of “SweetPay Installments.” This new, innovative product is a fully automated business payment plan enabling businesses to effectively finance the sale of its products and/or services.

New SweetPay lender partner enables TrueZer0 financing option

Jan 26, 2022

SweetPay, a rapidly-growing Fintech platform, announced today its affiliation with FinWise Bank and the launch of its TrueZer0™ financing program. SweetPay’s innovative point-of-need lending platform now can offer FinWise Bank as a loan option for prime and near-prime consumers and, can do so with TrueZer0™ promotions.